Cheap Zeiss Rifle Scopes Online

The Zeiss Sports Optic Company has branches spread around the globe and they continue to sell high quality, yet cheap Zeiss rifle scopes online for all hunters and shooters to enjoy. In 1846, the brilliant Carl Zeiss from Germany established the company. As one of the world’s most prominent optical manufacturers, they present two lines of highly competent rifle scope, the Victory and Conquest series. They garnered worldwide recognition with its famous tagline, “We make it visible”.

Their US assembled Zeiss Conquest scopes have a single piece aluminum alloy tube and superior finishes. They’re made up of glass components that are lead-free. All Conquest scopes include Zeiss adjustment for a much easier manipulation. Plus, the optics is all multi-coated and it underwent water and pressure tests.

There are also many added features such as the self-centering second image reticle that can be adjusted using your fingertips. It has an eye relief that ranges from 3.5 inches to 4 inches depending on the type of scope. A wide field of view is ensured plus it comes with a transferrable lifetime warranty if you want to give or sell it to someone else.

No extensions are needed when mounting Zeiss rifle scopes. Their mounting range is made simple to provide compatibility to almost any rifle. Greatly influenced by European design, each eyepiece makes use of a rubber covered ring which aids in better focusing. You can also adjust its magnification by simply turning the front of the scope.

The rifle scopes come with their signature black matte finish with a “Carl Zeiss” label. Wind and elevation adjustment knobs are also labeled for convenience. Sharpness and clarity were quickly achieved upon testing the Conquest. You get a lot of money when buying Zeiss rifle scopes online. Their highly competent features make it really worth its price tag.

The Victory line, on the other hand, caters to hunters of all levels. With its avant-garde optics, optimum night time performance is guaranteed. They have accurate aiming and very lightweight. They are also sealed with nitrogen in order to keep out dust and moisture. The adjustments on most cheap Zeiss rifle scopes are very easy to use and all models are coated with water and oil repellants.

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