Scope Comparison: Zeiss Vs. Leupold

Isn’t it frustrating when you keep on missing a lot of shots? Just when you thought you’ve hit a target, you actually missed it. Accuracy has always been a major problem in long range shooting. It’s a good thing though that scope was invented to solve this problem. Both Zeiss and Leupold, some of the most trusted brands in the scope industry offer reliable and accurate scopes for every hunter’s needs. They have been in the business for over a century and remain a popular choice among hunters and shooters alike. They continue to provide high quality scopes for sports aficionados.

Accuracy comes with the Leupold name. They strive to give 100% precision through their products. That’s why they are not only recommended in hunting and tactical shooting but also great for other outdoor activities as well. Golfers can make use of their binoculars while birders can take advantage of their spotting scopes. Unlike other brands that have lost their touch in time, Leupold remained undisputed at the top. Their products have retained their credibility and they’ve been constantly updated to keep up with the modern times. When they were just starting, their pioneer products included compact riflescopes, side focus parallax adjustments and waterproof scopes. All their products were created to withstand almost anything. Aside from being dependable, accurate and waterproof, their products are guaranteed to fulfill every shooter’s dream. Their products can easily be trusted that even the Secret Service, Navy Seals, Marine Corps, US Navy and US Army are all patrons.

Just like the wide range of Zeiss rifle scopes available to you, Leupold has a variety of products you can choose from. This includes a wide array of riflescopes, handgun scopes and shotgun scopes. These are suitable for hunters who prefer fixed power rifle scopes which can be used for long-range target shooting. Utmost precision is also guaranteed. They also come in a sleek and stylish design so now not only perform well, they looks great too.

Leupold has been known all over the world as the leading producer of high quality scopes for the past 100 years. They have the strictest quality control to make sure that only excellent products are manufactured. I think that both Leupold and Zeiss scopes have everything you want in a scope and more. You can even find bargain Leupold scopes or cheap Zeiss scopes by buying used ones online. Either way you'll be pretty pleased with your purchase, so take into consideration what your hunting style is, and go from there. Good luck!

Cheap Zeiss Rifle Scopes Online

The Zeiss Sports Optic Company has branches spread around the globe and they continue to sell high quality, yet cheap Zeiss rifle scopes online for all hunters and shooters to enjoy. In 1846, the brilliant Carl Zeiss from Germany established the company. As one of the world’s most prominent optical manufacturers, they present two lines of highly competent rifle scope, the Victory and Conquest series. They garnered worldwide recognition with its famous tagline, “We make it visible”.

Their US assembled Zeiss Conquest scopes have a single piece aluminum alloy tube and superior finishes. They’re made up of glass components that are lead-free. All Conquest scopes include Zeiss adjustment for a much easier manipulation. Plus, the optics is all multi-coated and it underwent water and pressure tests.

There are also many added features such as the self-centering second image reticle that can be adjusted using your fingertips. It has an eye relief that ranges from 3.5 inches to 4 inches depending on the type of scope. A wide field of view is ensured plus it comes with a transferrable lifetime warranty if you want to give or sell it to someone else.

No extensions are needed when mounting Zeiss rifle scopes. Their mounting range is made simple to provide compatibility to almost any rifle. Greatly influenced by European design, each eyepiece makes use of a rubber covered ring which aids in better focusing. You can also adjust its magnification by simply turning the front of the scope.

The rifle scopes come with their signature black matte finish with a “Carl Zeiss” label. Wind and elevation adjustment knobs are also labeled for convenience. Sharpness and clarity were quickly achieved upon testing the Conquest. You get a lot of money when buying Zeiss rifle scopes online. Their highly competent features make it really worth its price tag.

The Victory line, on the other hand, caters to hunters of all levels. With its avant-garde optics, optimum night time performance is guaranteed. They have accurate aiming and very lightweight. They are also sealed with nitrogen in order to keep out dust and moisture. The adjustments on most cheap Zeiss rifle scopes are very easy to use and all models are coated with water and oil repellants.

Where to Find Used Rifle Scopes Online

In my quest good used rifle scopes online, I’ve tried almost all the brands available. And the most important thing I’ve learned from this experience is the amount of money you spent is equal to the amount of quality you get. From jewelry to electronics to almost every product, this concept holds true. And the more expensive your purchase, the more you take care of it. Used items especially the second rate brands almost always provide no warranty; so why buy them?

But the first rate brands like Leupold, Swarovski, Trijicon or Zeiss rifle scopes are still excellent even if they’re already used. These companies provide A-1 scopes and a more flexible warranty. A second hand Swarovski is especially great because they’re considered as number one in the industry. The Swarovski’s exterior is made from high grade aluminum that’s why it can withstand even the harshest conditions. In shooting situations like in the woods, it is vital for the scope to be sturdy and still perform optimally. The few extra bucks that you’ll spend in purchasing a used scope from a first rate company will surely be worth it. I know this firsthand, just by looking at all of the cheap Zeiss scopes that I've accumulated over the years.

Following Swarovski, Nikon also gives a lot of value for the money. For about $250, a customer can select between a Monarch and a Buckmaster. An amazing 95% light transmission and 30mm tube variations are the main features of their crown jewel, the Monarch. Not that far behind is the Buckmaster which can transmit light at a rate of 92%. Nothing comes close to Nikon at this price range.

Lastly, in looking for great used rifle scopes online, you can also look into the lines and models offered by Burris. The quality of these scopes is quite decent but what set them apart is their Forever Warranty. This warranty is applicable even if you’re not the product’s first owner. This is a great feature because any problem that may arise from your purchased product; whether the lens coating starts to flake or the scope fogs up when aiming, you could return the item and it will surely be repaired or replaced. The type of warranty is certainly handy especially in used scopes.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, in buying scopes, the quality you get is directly proportional to the money you spent. And of course, your hunting needs play the most vital factor in selecting. But personally, I highly recommend Zeiss used rifle scopes online because you can benefit heavily from their quality and reasonable price.

Zeiss Conquest Scopes

More often than not, we find ourselves in a difficult position when choosing Zeiss conquest scopes. This is mainly due to a very wide array of selection to choose from. The first thing you need to do is to educate yourself with the basic procedures of scopes. Essentially, a rifle scope makes an object appear magnified and aids the shooter to be placed on the similar visual plane as the object. This is caused by the series of lenses located inside the scope wherein light is bended creating a magnified image.

Insusceptible to air rifle vibrations and can endure the unique recoil are some of the qualities that makes Zeiss Conquest rifle scopes special. Typically, a rifle scope should never be set up on an air rifle. But shooters still pick scopes for their air rifles to help them achieve better pinpoint accuracy.

Living up to their name, the Fixed Zeiss rifle scopes feature an appointed setting. In other words, you cannot adjust the magnification. The power number looks like this: aX32 or 4X15. The “4X” means that the target, as seen in the rifle scope’s viewfinder, can be magnified four times more than the plain naked eye view. The upside of fixed scopes is that they only need minor adjustments once sighted in. On the other hand, since it’s already fixed, magnifying an image won’t be possible beyond the set magnification. Scopes like these are appropriate for hunting small rodents like rats and some others that can be tailed at closer distance.

The Variable Power Zeiss rifle scopes have the ability to magnify between 3-15 power. Commonly labeled as 3-9X32, this means that the scope can give 3-9 times magnification with the 32mm objective lens. Scopes like these are best for larger game hunting at farther distance. The only drawback from Zeiss conquest scopes is that they have moving parts are more likely to suffer from wear and tear compared to others.

Zeiss Rifle Scopes

Zeiss rifle scopes offer a wide variety of designs with different characteristics. This is the reason that it’s not that easy to select one. But in the selection process, knowing the scope’s fundamental mechanism will make the task a lot easier. Primarily, a scope places the shooter and the target on the same visual plane. This is done as the scope has the ability to enlarge an object. Magnification becomes possible when light is bended by the series of lenses in the scope’s interior.

The air rifle’s particular recoil and vibration is endured by Zeiss rifle scopes and this is what makes them extraordinary. Generally, an air rifle should not have a scope. But some shooters choose to mount a scope on their air rifles to have a more precise targeting.

There are also scopes available that only has a single magnification that cannot be altered. They’re called the Fixed Zeiss rifle scopes. Typically, 4X32 or 4X15 is printed to signify the power number. These scopes magnify the target four times more than our naked eye can see, hence the “4X”. These scopes are easier to use because only small adjustments are needed once they are sighted in. Obviously, the fixed magnification also has its drawbacks because they’re not as versatile as the other scopes. These scopes are recommended for hunting small animals at close range such as rats or mice.

The more flexible and versatile Variable Power Zeiss models, like Zeiss conquest scopes, are also great options. Its magnification can be as strong as 3–15 power. Its printed code is usually 3-9X32. As shown in the numeric code, the scope has the ability to magnify an object 3–9 times while the 32 means the 32mm objective lens. Unlike the fixed scope, they’re made for large game and long range hunting. The only negative thing you can think of about this type of Zeiss rifle scope is it has more potential for damage because of the many moving parts.