Zeiss Rifle Scopes

Zeiss rifle scopes offer a wide variety of designs with different characteristics. This is the reason that it’s not that easy to select one. But in the selection process, knowing the scope’s fundamental mechanism will make the task a lot easier. Primarily, a scope places the shooter and the target on the same visual plane. This is done as the scope has the ability to enlarge an object. Magnification becomes possible when light is bended by the series of lenses in the scope’s interior.

The air rifle’s particular recoil and vibration is endured by Zeiss rifle scopes and this is what makes them extraordinary. Generally, an air rifle should not have a scope. But some shooters choose to mount a scope on their air rifles to have a more precise targeting.

There are also scopes available that only has a single magnification that cannot be altered. They’re called the Fixed Zeiss rifle scopes. Typically, 4X32 or 4X15 is printed to signify the power number. These scopes magnify the target four times more than our naked eye can see, hence the “4X”. These scopes are easier to use because only small adjustments are needed once they are sighted in. Obviously, the fixed magnification also has its drawbacks because they’re not as versatile as the other scopes. These scopes are recommended for hunting small animals at close range such as rats or mice.

The more flexible and versatile Variable Power Zeiss models, like Zeiss conquest scopes, are also great options. Its magnification can be as strong as 3–15 power. Its printed code is usually 3-9X32. As shown in the numeric code, the scope has the ability to magnify an object 3–9 times while the 32 means the 32mm objective lens. Unlike the fixed scope, they’re made for large game and long range hunting. The only negative thing you can think of about this type of Zeiss rifle scope is it has more potential for damage because of the many moving parts.

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